Homeowners And Condominium Association Law In Huntsville, Alabama

Homeowners associations (HOA) and condominium associations create and enforce rules for residents of their properties. The rules can vary from association to association, but they generally involve property maintenance and resident conduct.

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People Who Live In Developments Must Comply With The Rules Of Their HOA

When a person purchases a home or condo that is part of an HOA, he or she must follow the rules. The rules can change regularly, and residents of the HOA can stay current on the rules or even weigh in on the rules in routine HOA meetings.

HOAs enforce the rules that residents are required to follow. However, HOAs should not create rules that are unfair or unconstitutional.

Our law firm works with parties on both sides of this issue. Examples where HOAs and residents can encounter disputes include:

  • Enforcement and regulation of covenants
  • Collection of HOA dues
  • Approved exterior paint colors
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Lawn decorations
  • Lawn signage such as political signs
  • Placement of garbage bins
  • Removal of HOA board members

Your HOA can dictate the aesthetic and behavior of your residential community. Most people want to live in harmony, but when different opinions and ways of life coincide, disputes can occur. Whether you are a member of the board or a concerned resident, our lawyers can find a way to help you resolve your problem and continue to live in harmony in your development.

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