Huntsville Tax Debt Relief Lawyers

Owing money to individuals and businesses is one thing, but when the government is continually trying to collect back taxes, it adds another level of stress.

Many individuals and businesses mistakenly believe that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax debt cannot be eliminated in a bankruptcy proceeding. In some cases, they have been misinformed by attorneys who do not understand the possibilities in this area themselves.

At the law office of Heard, Ary & Dauro, LLC, in Huntsville, Alabama, our experienced Huntsville tax debt relief attorneys understand that tax debt can be eliminated in some bankruptcy cases. In cases where IRS tax debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, our legal team can help you analyze other options, including making an offer in compromise to reduce the overall amount of tax debt you owe the IRS.

Huntsville/Madison IRS Tax Dispute Attorneys

If you owe a significant amount in back taxes to the IRS, it is still possible to discharge your debt if you meet the following conditions:

  • You filed a return on time.
  • You did not commit fraud in filing your return.
  • You owe federal income tax — not payroll tax.
  • Your debt is over three years old.
  • You were assessed the tax at least 240 days before the bankruptcy filing.

We also assist small-business owners who are wrestling with unpaid withholding taxes, often by folding that debt into a Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding. And we help entrepreneurs who owe sales tax or other state and municipal taxes by establishing a plan to pay it off, frequently without penalties or interest.

One of the most important reasons to retain the services of experienced tax debt repayment lawyers is to monitor the numerous deadlines the government imposes. Missing deadlines may negatively impact your ability to discharge your debts.

We offer a free consultation in which we can review the facts of your case and provide an honest assessment of possible outcomes. Call 256-715-5184 or email us to schedule an appointment.

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