Huntsville Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows a person to repay all or a portion of his or her debts under the supervision and protection of the bankruptcy court. The debtor must make regular payments to the Chapter 13 trustee, who collects the money paid by the debtor and pays out to creditors in accordance with the Chapter 13 plan.

At the law office of Heard, Ary & Dauro, LLC, in Huntsville, Alabama, we help individuals navigate the complex process of regaining a solid financial foundation through bankruptcy. We provide hands-on assistance from the first meeting through the resolution of your case. We avoid cookie-cutter solutions by carefully reviewing each client's situation before recommending a course of action.

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Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed to reorganize and consolidate your debt into a manageable monthly payment. A key difference between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy is that Chapter 13 allows you to retain possession of non-exempt property that may be lost in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A Chapter 13 plan lasts three to five years depending on the amount of debt and the income of the debtor.

Who serves as the trustee? A Chapter 13 trustee is an attorney appointed to act as the trustee to the bankruptcy estate of each person who files bankruptcy.

We help develop a plan that keeps your payments on unsecured debts as low as possible while taking care of the debt pressures — mortgage foreclosure, wage garnishment or repossession of your car — that led to your bankruptcy in the first place. Under a Chapter 13 plan, some priority debts are required to be paid in full, but many creditors will only receive a small percentage of the amount they are owed.

We offer a free initial consultation with our Huntsville Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys. We will assess your case and be able to provide you with an experienced opinion on what solution is best for your set of circumstances. To meet with our lawyers, call 256-715-5184 or email us.

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